Start using your data better.

Datastrands helps organizations use data better.

Create New Services and Products

  • Use your data to directly generate new products and features
  • Kick start a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement

Impress Clients and Stakeholders

  • Data-driven innovations are relevant and on target
  • Your services and product offerings feel fresh and professional

Realize Immediate Value

  • Be certain your data is delivering value – and not just costs
  • Create a plan to capture more value through the right data

Here is how we get started together.

I am Marty Behrens, the principal data strategist at Datastrands. I am an experienced global executive, an architect of business technology systems, and a proven product management leader.

I will spend the first week talking briefly with your high level stakeholders to identify the most critical data and issues they see. Then, I hit the ground with the hands-on practitioners to see how they are using data.

After this, I come back with a rough outline of next steps and recommendations. A rough map of your current data state and an initial roadmap. Once we agree on your new data direction, I will construct the detailed next steps and strategies to get you to your desired state.

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